Jim Self

14 May 2014

Jim Self

Jim Self is a Los Angeles free-lance musician. Since l974 he has worked for all the major Hollywood studios performing for over 1500 motion pictures and hundreds of television shows and records. His solos in major films include John William’s scores to Jurassic Park, Home Alone I&II, Hook and was the “Voice of the Mothership” from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Other solos can be heard in James Horner’s Casper and Batteries Not Included, Marc Shaiman’s Sleepless in Seattle and in Jerry Goldsmith’s score to Dennis the Menace. Recent films include Wall-E, Troy, Lemony Snicket, The Legend of Zorro, War of the Worlds, King Kong, Indiana Jones 4, Princess and the Frog, Valentines Day and Avatar. Upcoming films include Tin Tin, Toy Story 3, Cats and Dogs 2 and The Last Airbinder.

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