Earth Games 2012 – Nicola Ferro

8 July 2014

Earth Games 2012 – Nicola Ferro

Featuring some of the finest brass players in the world, Earth Games 2012 is the creation of Italy’s super trombonist, composer, programmer and producer, Nicola Ferro. this musical-fusion of ‘Classical’, ‘Jazz’, ‘Blues’, ‘Pop’ and ‘alternative’ is a spine tingling reminder for us to stop, and listen to the beauty. Just as the seventh century mayan prophesized a reawakening for the year 2012; Nicola’s set of musically diverse suites, creates a sort of internal-awakening, heightening one’s senses and self-reflective consciousness… 2012 is prophesized as a return to the sacred domain of our inner technology, this masterpiece will start the process!

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