The Blue & Green Project – Jack Wilkins

8 July 2014

The Blue & Green Project – Jack Wilkins

”The Blue & Green Project offers a paradigm modeled on good cheer, clear-sighted vision, hope and impressive musicianship, intimating a top-shelf selection for 2011.” ‘
‘Wilkins is a tough roving tenorist, and his conceptions vary from track to track. There’s little that is self-consciously folkish in this Jazz suite where Green stands for the natural world and Blue the insinuating influence of Jazz and world musics. I especially liked TWO VIEWS OF THE MOUNTAIN, which suggested a barn dance taken to a basement Greenwich Village Jazz club, the mournful Mingus-tinged 25 CENTS, and the second-line New Orleans BLACK BUCKET STOMP, energetic and creative throughout.” -CADENCE

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