Air Names – Daniel Grabois


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Daniel Grabois, horn player of the Meridian Arts Ensemble and Wisconsin Brass, is a seasoned player, author, and professor. Here, he experiments on the instrument that he has played for 30+ years! Grabois wrote these songs using the software Ableton Live, which enabled him to turn horn playing and composing into one unified activity. The final product includes a large range of styles, from Middle Eastern sounds to “less describable” kinds of music, that will easily please a variety of listeners.

Featured Artists
Daniel Grabois: French horn, norbea bouchero, midi programming
Nick Moran: bass
John Ferrari: drums, percussion

Track Listing
GRABOIS: Love Triangle • Civil War • Moons of Mercury • Raga • Harry Lewis • March • Not Much But Air Names • Cairo Sunset • The Misfits • Cloud 10 • Chew Your Soup • Lost and Found • Rio DJ • Oaxaca Cathedral • Dusk, Autumn, Midwest • Love Meant Living Alone