Eclipse – Jesse Jones & Craig Butterfield


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The third collaboration between bassist Craig Butterfield and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Jones, this album provides an even deeper glimpse into the duo’s compositional imagination. Featuring an extended sound palette (<b>Butterfield is heard on both bass and piano, and Jones on no fewer than six different instruments, the duo forms a versatile and unusual partnership. Be it virtuoso finger-work in tunes like Caroline or Canebrake, poly-metric funkiness in A-25 or Heavyweight, ethereal expansiveness in the title track, or the lullabying Plunky’s Waltz with its solo-piano reprise, Eclipse is an album full of soaring melody orbited by harmonic nuance and rhythmic vibrancy.

THE JONES/BUTTERFIELD DUO is comprised of world-renowned bassist Craig Butterfield and award-winning composer/instrumentalist Jesse Jones, both music professors at the University of South Carolina and the Oberlin Conservatory respectively. Their music is informed by a collective study of roots, jazz, rock, and classical practices, as well as various world music traditions.