Faster Friends – Wayne Coniglio & Scott Whitfield


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In follow-up to their ‘radio-friendly’ “Fast Friends”, comes…”FASTER FRIENDS”- Contrasting, powerhouse trombone players on a big-sounding recording with a great rhythm section, once again paying homage to the trombone legends while extending a “whoa” to their playing! </b>

Wayne Coniglio – bass and tenor trombones
Scott Whitfield – trombone
Ken Kehner – piano; Eric Warren – bass; Kevin Gianino – drums
Guests: Jacob Melsha – trombone, voice; Debbie Lennon – voice; Elsie Parker – voice

With a cover paying homage to the 1970’s album “Conversation” featuring Conte Candoli and Frank Rosolino, this recording kicks off before even its first play!

Within the stellar playing and ‘killer’ solos you’ll find included; an homage to Dexter Gordon as well as Slide Hampton…a very austere through-composed piece by one of the best and tastiest pianists in the business…A viral trombone choir on one of the most beautiful songs ever….an homage to the 1960’s Brazilian recordings…standards and originals influenced and dedicated to John Coltrane, James Farnsworth, Steve Grossman & Joe Henderson…a tribute to the great Bobby Hutcherson…and an ‘about face’ on Buster Keaton…

This is an impressively enjoyable effort from first class musicians!! Enjoy!!