Get Your Kicks: The Music and Lyrics of Bobby Troup – Deborah Shulman and The Ted Howe Trio


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Funky, swinging, sensitive and always elegant, this is a Bobby Troup set like none other.

“…She’s got an alluringly clear enunciation as well as a gentle swing to her timing. Guess she just couldn’t help it that she was born to please…”
-Jazz Weekly

“Shulman is a highly engaging vocalist and revered vocal coach for artists including Bette Midler and Linda Ronstadt. Here, she steps into a welcoming spotlight and is the perfect rhapsode for the shrewd lyrics and melodies Bestowed by Troup. Her rhythmic and melodically savvy approach, perfect diction and phrasing make Troup’s lines shine even brighter. And, with marvelously inventive arrangements and superb backing of pianist Ted Howe and his trio, the entire quartet frames and delivers the material impeccably… Get Your Kicks is indeed and in deed a Troup tour de force…”

“DEBORAH SHULMAN & The Ted Howe Trio/Get Your Kicks: True story that has nothing to do with Shulman. Quite a while back, I had a client that wanted me to help him contract a tribute album to Bobby Troup. I went back and forth as the go between, often calling Troup at home with the phone being answered by his wife. It wasn’t until several calls into this volley that I realized I was talking to Julie London. How cool was that? Maybe you had to be there. A family friend of the Troups by marriage, Shulman brings a built in affinity to the music pulling off a killer 180 degree turn from last year’s Kurt Weill album showing she can deliver the hits to all fields and is no one trick pony. Expertly capturing the late night hipster vibe of martini fueled days gone by, Shulman and Howe are here to get inside the music and deliver it properly, which they do a great job of. A dandy revitalization of one of the pop master craftsmen, this is top shelf throughout. Well done.” -MIDWEST RECORD

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