HUBUB! – Ted Kooshian


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Right out of the gate, the Monk-esque melody of the opening track, “Hubub” gets your attention. The rhythm section is poppin’ and swingin’ with truly great solos!

“Wandelen” is a beautiful gospel tune that gives all the players a lot of room to testify. “Sparkplug – She Came to Play” starts with some truly virtuosic solo piano maneuvers by Ted. The track seems entirely improvised – that is, until after all the solos are done. It is then you hear the wizardry of Ted Kooshian’s arranging… “Schiermonnikoog” starts with a compelling drum solo, followed by an intriguing blues head arranged brilliantly for the two… “Tornetto” is an up-tempo swinger that reminds one of the freer stuff that the Miles Davis Quintet… “Hymn For Her” is a beautiful ballad with lovely lyrics by Judy Barnett. “Desert Island Tracks” is the album’s sole Latin piece. The rhythm section is totally in the groove. The introduction to “Space Train” increases in speed as Greg plays his brushes on the snare under an interesting two-part horn melody, evoking an image of a train speeding down the rails. “McQueen” is one of the most angular pieces on this album. The interplay between the bass/ electric piano line and the violin/sax melody is truly mesmerizing. And finally, “Shatner” is in 5/4 and is comprised of a gorgeous set of chord changes and a flowing unison melody. The synth solo uses a sound patch seemingly right out of the Star Trek theme song. Brilliant!

The Group:
Ted Kooshian – piano
John Bailey – trumpet (flugelhorn on Somewhere)
Jeff Lederer – tenor saxophone
Dick Sarpola – bass (electric bass on McQueen and Shatner)
Greg Joseph – drums

Also featured:
Jim Mola – vocal on Hymn For Her; Katie Jacoby – violin on Hymn For Her and McQueen; Summer Boggess – cello on Hymn For Her; David Silliman – percussion on McQueen and Shatner