Jazz, Boogie and Deja Blues – Scott Cossu


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”…Whether new fan or old, this is a welcome post card from a cat that hasn’t been gone too long but has been on the sidelines for too long. Smoking piano jazz from a real cooker that’s totally back in fine form…” -Midwest Record

Breaking out of his new age shell, pianist Scott Cossu ratchets up the groove dial with JAZZ, BOOGIE & DEJA BLUES. All three of these genres, as well as ethnic experimentation, has always peaked into Cossu’s music over the years, but this release fixes the spotlight firmly on them. As such, the album features high octane covers of Jimmy Dorsey’s swingin;

The enormous success of musical veteran Scott Cossu has been no accident; those who know of Windham Hill just may recognize the name! Here, Scott leaps out of the new age corner he’s been categorized into and presents an incredibly diverse offering that illustrates just how skillful and talented this artist really is. A highly accessible recording!


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