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Critically acclaimed on his last recording for his Phil Woods-like-skills on the saxophone, Marty Nau proved to all to be the real deal. Here, he presents a ‘big-sounding’ clarinet led recording that brings it on ‘big-time’!

Marty Nau is a clarinet master (and a damn good saxophonist) who has recorded a masterpiece… Marty takes the clarinet through its paces from A to Z, employing at times four (five?) clarinets through the re-recording process but this is not a gimmick ñ it works as a bonafide musical device. I love this CD and recommend it to anyone who loves good music well played and as fresh as a new morning. -Phil Woods

‘…rich tone and crisp articulation with clear ideas, beautifully overdubbing several clarinets to idiomatically backdrop his lead…precise intonation and phraseology…’ -Downbeat

‘…It’s a good album that makes a robust case for the clarinet as a lead instrument with virtuosic playing and a terrific selection of songs. ‘

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