Music from the Americas – Lieurance Woodwind Quintet


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Music for the woodwind quintet written in the last sixty years defies genre or label. As the Lieurance Woodwind Quintet, one of the longest established woodwind quintets in the nation have taken on the task of examining music written by composers since the group’s inception (over 60 years ago). The borrowing and blending of compositional techniques, antiquated forms, ethnic and poly-rhythms, not to mention popular song and jazz is the constant thread linking these distinctly ‘American’ works together. Spanning influences from North, South and Central America, these works demonstrate how fertile soil can grow infinite diversity.

The Lieurance Woodwind Quintet has firmly established its reputation in the Midwest as one of the most active ensembles of its kind. More than a regional ensemble, the group maintains an active teaching and performing schedule, including concerts, seminars and workshops at home and abroad. Celebrating sixty-three years as an ensemble, the Lieurance Woodwind Quintet takes its name from Thurlow Lieurance, a Kansas composer and noted historian of Native American music who served as the first dean of the College of Fine Arts at The Wichita State University.

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