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Featuring three young critically acclaimed guitar virtuosos (Jeff Stein, John Storie, and Perry Smith), New West Guitar Group has been making its mark on the way towards THE premier acoustic/electric guitar ensemble. Seamlessly melding influences from Jazz to Americana to Chamber Music, their original music combines the different timbres of the acoustic and electric guitars to create a unique, genre-defying sound. With Round-Trip Ticket, New West utilizes its signature sound as a force for exploring themes of motion, homecoming, and the natural world. As an actively performing group, New West continues to reach audiences at major venues throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, and Europe.

“The New West guitar trio is setting a new bar with their latest release. To say that they are virtuosic, musical, and innovative is just scratching the surface. They are reinventing the possibilities of what three creative guitarists can weave when they cast a musical net encompassing everything from folk, rock, classical, jazz and all sorts of sounds that exist in between.”
-Larry Koonse, Guitarist

”…you’ll hear discursive and pastoral compositions that make you feel like you’re looking out the window of a train crossing the Great Plains (‘Arrowhead,’ ‘Waiting for You’), tightly composed harmony and counterpoint lines that careen wildly and beautifully all over the place (‘Rivercrest’), hot picking with a decidedly country twang (‘U-Haul Breakdown’), and even a hint or two of lilting calypso (‘All My Belongings’). Everything is so pleasant and inviting that unless you’re paying close attention you’re liable to miss the jagged complexities that sometimes lurk underneath these tunes’ shimmeringly lovely surfaces — like the nasty 7/8 time signature on which the lovely ‘Crooked Railroad’ is built. Every track features a rich blend of acoustic and electric textures, and the arrangements are so expertly put together that the trio’s sound sometimes verges on the orchestral.” -All Music Guide

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