Wind Serenades – Gateway Chamber Ensemble


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‘Of the recorded performances I know of the Mozart…I would pick the new Gateway Chamber Ensemble out of the pack, not only for its refined playing, but for finding that elusive balance between the music’s high-spirited playfulness and its sensuous soulfulness. Merriment and melancholy mix in matched measure in Mozart’s masterpiece…For wind playing par excellence, this release receives the strongest recommendation.’ -Fanfare

”…in the case of the Gateway Ensemble’s tuning, it is one of the most impeccable on record, with a balance that avoids most of the harmonic clashes without removing the characters of each instrument.”

The new and exciting Gateway Chamber Ensemble is joined by the Grammy-winning team from Soundmirror for two exemplary performances of milestone chamber works penned 100 years apart, including some of Mozart’s most mature and famous craftsmanship. Enjoy the virtuosic playing and incredible recorded sound quality of these majestic Wind Serenades.

Please note: This is an SACD/Hybrid product and can be played in your standard CD player; however, if you have Super Audio capability, you’re in for an incredible-surround experience!

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