At the Bouquet Chorale – Marty Nau Group

At the Bouquet Chorale – Marty Nau Group
Catalog number: 410


01 At The Bouquet Chorale
comp: Phil Woods
02 Airmail Special
comp: Lionel Hampton
03 Rainy Day
comp: Jimmy van Heusen
04 Cadillac Jack
comp: Vince Lardear
05 Door Number Three
comp: Vince Lardear
06 Slash And Burn
comp: Vince Lardear
07 Saucy Susan
comp: Vince Lardear
08 Calling All Cars
comp: Vince Lardear
09 Samba Nau
comp: Robert Redd
10 Delawareness
comp: Vince Lardear
11 The Mooche
comp: Edward Duke Ellington

You may recognize just one of the three names, however, the other two may also hold your attention once you’ve heard this disc. It’s not that often that you hear three alto players on the same recording but these exceptional performances showcase each player performing in the great tradition of Charlie Parker.

“…there are spots in At the Bouquet Chorale where even the most ardent Woods fan will have a problem telling who is who (fortunately, the notes provide that information)…Regardless, both Nau and Lardear are first-class players in their own right who overflow with compelling ideas executed with masterful technique and harmonic sophistication.” -JazzTimes

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