Black Dog – Robert Spring

Black Dog – Robert Spring
Catalog number: 412


01 Black Dog
comp: Scott McAllister
02 Clarinet Concerto - Mvt. 1. Allegro
comp: Katherine Hoover
03 Clarinet Concerto - Mvt. 2. Elegy
04 Clarinet Concerto - Mvt. 3. Allegro vivace
05 Fantasy
comp: Leslie Bassett
06 X (Concerto for Clarinet) - Mvt. 1. Quarter = 56
comp: Scott McAlllister
07 X (Concerto for Clarinet) - Mvt. 2. To the Pines..To the Pines
08 X (Concerto for Clarinet) - Mvt. 3. Quarter = 126

These four concertos – two new, two older – have never been recorded! They range from rock-influenced works like Scott McAllister’s Black Dog (based on the Led Zeppelin tune of the same name) and X (based on the music of Alice In Chains) to Katherine Hoover’s jazz concerto written for virtuoso Eddie Daniels, Leslie Bassett’s Fantasy with its wild clarinet virtuosity, 1950s

On this recording, Black Dog and X are performed by the Arizona State Wind Symphony; the Hoover Concerto is performed by the Arizona State University Chamber Orchestra. The Fantasy is performed by members of the Arizona State University Wind Symphony and Arizona State University Chamber Winds.

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