First Flight – Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra

First Flight – Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra

Label: Summit Records

Catalog number: 481


01 First Flight
comp: Pete McGuinness
02 Smile
comp: Charlie Chaplin
03 Infant Eyes
comp: Wayne Shorter
04 Comecar De Novo
comp: Ivan Lins
05 Lonely Dance
comp: Pete McGuinness
06 Chase Scene
comp: Pete McGuinness
07 Spring Song
comp: Pete McGuinness
08 The Tricksters
comp: Pete McGuinness
09 A Fond Farewell
comp: Pete McGuinness

A 2008 Grammy Finalist for Smile– Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocal

A musical multi-threat. McGuinness’s music lays out modern-minded, yet swinging stuff.
-Zan Stewart
jazz critic: The Newark Star-Ledger

For Pete McGuinness, this groundbreaking first flight-leading a big band showcasing his exceptional writing, playing, and singing talents-is the culmination of over twenty years of prior ìfirstsî within the exclusive, competitive jazz atmosphere of New York. The Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra, born in September 2006, features some of the finest players NYC has to offer.

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