Fyre & Lightning – American Brass Quintet

Fyre & Lightning – American Brass Quintet
Catalog number: 181


01 Masquing Ayre
comp: John Adson
02 Strike it up Tabor; A Toy
comp: Thomas Weelkes, anonymous
03 Fyre & Lightning; Sweet Honey Sucking Bees
comp: Thomas Morley, John Wilbye
04 Lady Those Eyes; Strawberry Leaves
comp: Thomas Morley, anonymous
05 Canzon 19
comp: Gioseffo Guami
06 Canzon 23
comp: Claudio Merulo
07 Ricercar del sesto tuono
comp: Andrea Gabrieli
08 Canzon 22
comp: Bastiano Chilese
09 Three Madrigals - I. Si ch'io vorrei morire
comp: Claudio Monteverdi
10 Three Madrigals - II. Ah, dolente partia
11 Three Madrigals - III. Quel augellin che canta
12 Canzoni e Sonate - I. Canzon II
comp: Giovanni Gabrieli
13 Canzoni e Sonate - II. Canzon III
14 La Tral
comp: Claudio Monteverdi
15 A mi tirsi
comp: Luca Marenzio
16 Clorinda
comp: Orazio Vecchi
17 Suite of Dances - Intrada
comp: Thomas Simpson
18 Suite of Dances - Pavane
comp: William Brade
19 Suite of Dances - Galliards
comp: Thomas Simpson, William Brade
20 Suite of Dances - Pavane
comp: Thomas Simpson
21 Suite of Dances - Galliard
comp: William Brade
22 Fancies - Fancy a 6
comp: John Ward
23 Fancies - Fancy a 3
comp: Anthony Holborne
24 Fancies - Fancy a 5
comp: Giovanni Coperario
25 Fancies - Solfeggiamento
comp: Gioseppe Giamberti
26 Fancies - Fancy a 6
comp: Giovanni Coperario

Very few brass quintets perform the music of the Renaissance as well as the American Brass Quintet…few can match their artistry and skill. The quintet performs these works brilliantly…the ornamentation is historically accurate. — ITG Journal

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