Games for Brass: New Music for Brass Quintet – Western Brass Quintet

Games for Brass: New Music for Brass Quintet – Western Brass Quintet
Catalog number: 536


01 Games for Brass - Mvt. 1. Fast Moves
comp: C. Curtis-Smith
02 Games for Brass - Mvt. 2. Child's Play
03 Games for Brass - Mvt. 3. Charades [Rounds]
04 Games for Brass - Mvt. 4. Endgame
05 Frame of Mind - Mvt. 1. Flight of thought
comp: Richard Adams
06 Frame of Mind - Mvt. 2. Altered State
07 Frame of Mind - Mvt. 3. Frenzy
08 Pro and Contra Dances - Mvt. 1. Tableau I
comp: Raymon Zupko
09 Pro and Contra Dances - Mvt. 2. Tableau II
10 Pro and Contra Dances - Mvt. 3. Tableau III
11 Landscapes - Mvt. 1. Northern Woods
comp: Karel Husa
12 Landscapes - Mvt. 2. Northern Lakes
13 Landscapes - Mvt. 3. Voyageurs

Founded in 1966, the Western Brass Quintet is one of the most distinguished brass chamber music ensembles still active in the United States today. The ensemble has performed around the world and in such American venues such as the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall.

Committed to promoting the composition of significant works for the brass quintet, the ensemble has premiered numerous works: Welcome to Games for Brass.

The Western Brass Quintet gave unremitting evidence of their individual talents and ensemble training; chords were precisely weighted and registered, instrumental blends were sensitively arranged, and there was rarely a tentatively attacked or released note. –New York Times

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