Moozie’s Musical Adventures – Children’s Kindness Network

Moozie’s Musical Adventures – Children’s Kindness Network
Catalog number: 551


01 Moozie's Orchestra Adventure Introductions
02 Moozie's Orchestra Adventure
03 Moozie's Kind Adventure
04 Moozie's Orchestra Adventure (Music Only)
05 Moozie's Kind Adventure (Music Only)

Moozie the Cow is the ambassador of kindness for the Children’s Kindness Network, and uses ‘Always Be Kind’ as her motto to emphasize building a culture of kindness by being kind to others, kind to the earth, kind to animals, and kind to oneself. Amidst recent news stories about the growing bullying epidemic amongst kids, Moozie’s message couldn’t be more timely!

  • Moozie started as a simple garage project for founder Ted Dreier, who grew up on a Kansas dairy farm. But when it was discovered that children loved Moozie…and paid close attention to what she was saying about kindness…Moozie took on a life of her own!
  • Seeing the impact that Moozie had on children, Dreier stepped back from his corporate life as a public speaker in 1998 and committed his energy and time to building a culture of kindness with the goal of reducing violence and bullying among children.
  • Moozie’s cow logic books have been around for years, and sold tens of thousands of copies through Cracker Barrel outlets in the late ’90s.
  • Music by Kim Scharnberg, Story by Tom Easton.
    Arizona State University Symphony Orchestra

    **selected publicity quotes have been excerpted from ‘Moozie’s Cow Wisdom’

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