Music of the Civil War – Americus Brass Band

Music of the Civil War – Americus Brass Band
Catalog number: 126


01 When The Cruel War Is Over & Heat Up the Flag Quick Step
comp: B. Holmes
02 Americus Quick Step
comp: W.I. Hobbs
03 Fireman’s Polka
comp: H. Ripley
04 Tenting On The Old Camp Ground
comp: K. Kiderage
05 Dixie’s Land Medley Quick Step
comp: D.L. Downing
06 Battle Cry Of Freedom & Kingdom Coming Quick Step
comp: G. Root & H. Work
07 Excerpt From William Tell
comp: G. Rossini
08 Sumter Light Guard March
comp: Anon.
09 Bonnie Eloise Quick Step
comp: Anon.
10 Amazing Grace
comp: Carrell/Clayton/Newton | Traditional
11 Glory Hallelujah Grand March
comp: W.K. Batchelder
12 Scenes That Are Brightest & In Happy Moments Quick Step
comp: C.V. Wallace
13 Kazoodie Ko Whirl Overture
comp: D.I. Downing
14 Woodman, Spare That Tree
comp: Henry Russell
15 Fireman’s Quick Step
comp: Anon.
16 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
comp: Patrick Gilmore
17 Civil War Folk Song Medley – Oh, Suzanna, Garry Owen, Jordan Am a Hard Road, Bonnie Blue Flag, The Girl I Left Behind Me
comp: various
18 Coronation March (From The Prophet)
comp: G. Meyerbeer

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