New York Presence – Extension Ensemble

New York Presence – Extension Ensemble
Catalog number: 389


01 When You Are Old
comp: Peter Erskine
02 Quintet No. 2 - Mvt. 1. Quinque
comp: Elliot Goldenthal
03 Quintet No. 2 - Mvt. 2. Cortege
04 Quintet No. 2 - Mvt. 3. Rondo Burlesque
05 Instrumental Round No. 1
comp: Moondog
06 Arterial
comp: Elliot Sharp
07 Private Music - Mvt. 1
comp: Dave Douglas
08 Private Music - Mvt. 2
09 December 1952
comp: Earle Brown
10 Instrumental Round No. 2
comp: Moondog
11 December 1952
comp: Earle Brown
12 Sephardic Quintet - Mvt. 1. Moderato
comp: David Loeb
13 Sephardic Quintet - Mvt. 2. Lento
14 Sephardic Quintet - Mvt. 3. Vivo
15 Five
comp: John Cage
16 Pastorale
comp: Moondog

The Extension Ensemble has quickly established itself as a fresh force in the New York chamber music scene. They were founded at The Juilliard School over four years ago, and perform a wide variety of contemporary music. The group also strives to expand audiences’ awareness of and appreciation for contemporary brass music by incorporating improvisation and extended techniques into its programs.

The Extension Ensemble has won first prize at both the Fischoff and Monterey Bay international chamber music competitions, as well as the New York Brass Conference Quintet Competition.

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