Traveling West – Gerald Beckett

Traveling West – Gerald Beckett
Catalog number: 387


01 Mr. Kenyatta
comp: Lee Morgan
02 Pipes
comp: Graham Bruce
03 Once Forgotten
comp: Pam Watson
04 Hammer Head
comp: Wayne Shorter
05 Little Waltz
comp: Ron Carter
06 Cool Breeze
comp: Gerald Beckett
07 Traveling West
comp: Graham Bruce, Artt Frank
08 The Peacocks
comp: Jimmy Rowles
09 2020 Groove Street
comp: Gerald Beckett, Clifford Lamb

Gerald Beckett started playing saxophone at the age of 11. He switched to flute as an undergraduate at North Texas State University. It wasn’t until moving to San Francisco in 1985 that he began to immerse himself in the jazz scene, studying with the likes of Mel Martin, Brian Pardo, John Gove and Jim Grantham.

“…with the help of an excellent group of friends/musicians, who round out with harmonic depth or percussive intensity the musical suggestions that the flutist makes, Gerald Beckett has produced one of those rare releases that are available too seldom of late: a jazz flute album.” – Jazz

“This excellent sophomore date as a leader makes Gerald Beckett a talent worthy of wider recognition in the jazz community.” -Ken Dryden – All Music Guide

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