Trumpets – Mike Vax

Trumpets – Mike Vax
Catalog number: 308


> 01 Louis Meets the Bird
comp: Charlie Parker, McDonald
> 02 Freddie the Freeloader
comp: Miles Davis
> 03 Day by Day
comp: Stordahl, Weston, Cahn
> 04 A Night in Tunisia
comp: Dizzy Gillespie
> 05 Night of the Capricorn Moon
comp: Steve Mochel
> 06 Trumpet Blues and Cantabile
comp: Harry James, Jack Matthias
> 07 Wild Man Blues
comp: Lil Hardin Armstrong
> 08 Kiss and Run
comp: Sam Coslow
> 09 Licketysplit
comp: Phil Field
> 10 I Can't Get Started
comp: Vernon Duke, Ira Gershwin
> 11 Short Stop
comp: Shorty Rogers
> 12 Heckler's Hop
comp: Roy Eldridge

TRUMPETS, from heralded trumpet magician, Mike Vax, features a special group of players that take the meaning of the trumpet to the next level.

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