Untaming the Fury – Duo46

Untaming the Fury – Duo46
Catalog number: 346


01 Sonata 46
comp: Anthony Lanman
02 Quandary - 1. Pondering
comp: Daniel Adams
03 Quandary - 2. Dialectic
04 Quandary - 3. Never Look Back?
05 Asphalt Gypsy
comp: Paul Richards
06 How the Hell are you feeling? - 1. I Feel like Hell
comp: Kristy McGarity
07 How the Hell are you feeling? - 2. Hell, I Feel Like It
08 How the Hell are you feeling? - 3. Whatever the Hell I Feel Like
09 Structures No. 412
comp: Richard Schaefer
10 Sonatine - 1. Dramatic, with great energy
comp: Pierre Jalbert
11 Sonatine - 2. Stark and distant
12 Sonatine - 3. Presto agitato
13 was the sky as liquid
comp: Joshua Penman
14 Venn Music I
comp: Neil Flory
15 Two Pieces for Guitar and Violin - 1. Reverie
comp: Russell Sarre
16 Two Pieces for Guitar and Violin - 2. Scherzo
17 Untaming the Fury
comp: Stacy Garrop

This recording consists of ten works by some of their American commissioned composers.

Established in 1994 when they were teaching assistants at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Duo46 has become a force in new music. Over 40 works have either been commissioned or dedicated to them.

Thanks to the internet and touring they have been heard around the world. Duo46 serves as unofficial ambassadors of American music abroad. They are in residence at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus.

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