West Coast Cool – Cheryl Bentyne and Mark Winkler

West Coast Cool – Cheryl Bentyne and Mark Winkler
Catalog number: 615


01 Take 5; Drinks on the Patio
comp: Paul Desmond
02 An Occasional Man
comp: Mark Winkler, Rich Eames
03 Let's Get Lost
comp: Hugh Martin, Ralph Blaine
04 Talk of the Town; Girl Talk
comp: Marty Symes, Al Newburg, Jimmy Livingston, Neil Hefti
05 West Coast Cool
comp: Neil Hefti
06 Something Cool
comp: Billy Barnes
07 Route 66; Alright, Okay, You Win; Straighten Up and Fly Right
comp: Bobby Troup, Mayme Watts, Sidney Wyche
08 Senor Blues
comp: Horace Silver
09 Lemon Twist
comp: Bobby Troup
10 This Could Be the Start of Something Big
comp: Steve Allen
11 Hungry Man
comp: Bobby Troup
12 All About Ronnie; Trouble Is a Man
comp: Joe Greene
13 In a Lonely Place
comp: Marilyn Harris, Mark Winkler
14 Cool (Unreleased Live Track)
comp: Marilyn Harris, Mark Winkler

Award winning, critically acclaimed jazz vocalist/lyricist, Mark Winkler meets multi-Grammy winning vocalist, Cheryl Bentyne, (member of The Manhattan Transfer) to form a dynamic duo intent on proving how cool the ‘West Coast Cool Jazz’ scene of the ’50s still is. Together and separately they perform songs by Dave Brubeck, Chet Baker, Julie London and Bobby Troup (to name a few). Enjoy!

“CHERYL BENTYNE & MARK WINKLER/West Coast Cool: Anybody still remember and enjoy Jackie & Roy? Sure, they got started in Chicago and Milwaukee, but once they got a taste of LA and Vegas, the cold weather was in the rear view mirror. Cheryl & Mark pick it up right where Jackie & Roy left off. If you Googled the credits of the two marquee cats, and then Googled the credits of all the killer players weaving in and out of this set, you’d crash your hard drive. With about a million years worth of combined, well honed chops on board, this set can blow away the hippest thing you could find in the Bethlehem catalog, and it covers a lot of the same songs just to keep things a fair competition. This is an utterly fantastic jazz vocal date that raises the bar so high, critics will be comparing dates 50 years from now to this one. Killer stuff.” -MIDWEST RECORD

“…superb medleys…Bentyne’s sweet vocals marvel…smooth and vibrant vocals of Winkler and Bentyne, who together take the oft-used phrase ‘dynamic duo’ to a much higher level.” -AllAboutJazz

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