Caio Pagano
A Brazilian Salute

On the 500th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil comes one of the finest pianists the country has ever produced, Caio Pagano. Here he performs the works of one of Brazil’s all-time great composers, Camargo Guarnieri.
Caio is loved by audiences and critics everywhere for his commanding technique (London Times), power and bravura (Berlin Die Welt). The New York Times called his Beethoven superb, absolutely first class.
His programs consistently receive rave reviews. Enjoy this celebration of Brazil’s discovery.

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  • Festivo

  • Tristonho

  • Allegro, Rondo


  • Comodo

  • Nostalgico

  • Alegre


  • Com Alegria

  • Melancolico

  • Gracioso

    Danse Negra


  • Ponteio No. 22

  • Ponteio No. 24

  • Ponteio No. 30

  • Ponteio No. 45

  • Ponteio No. 46

  • Ponteio No. 49