Gregory Walker w/Faye Robinson

George Walker -The first black composer to win the Pulitzer Prize in Music (for Lilacs). A 2000 inductee into the American Classical Music Hall of Fame.

Lilacs for Voice and Orchestra was premiered by the Boston Symphony with Faye Robinson in 1996. This is the first commercial recording.

A PBS NewsHour interview transcript

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Tangents for Chamber Orchestra (G. Walker)

Lilacs for Voice and Orchestra
 (G. Walker)

  • #1

  • #2

  • #3

  • #4

    Wind Set for Woodwind Quintet
     (G. Walker)

  • I-quarter=63

  • II-eigth=72

    Sonata for Violin and Piano, No. 2
     (G. Walker)

  • I-eigth=60

  • II-quarter=69

  • III-quarter=50