Brooke Sofferman
The Green Between

One of 2002’s more adventurous mainstream jazz records…assured a spot on this critic’s 10 Best list for the year. — Steve Greenlee, Boston Globe

The group is exquisite, complex post-modern jazz that flows and cascades through almost every style imaginable…it transcends into absolute perfection. -Fred Barret, Beyond Coltrane

The most successful element of this recording, is the incredible playing by all of the musicians. This recording is one of conviction, care, and musicality: The music is literally brought to life.

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    the Green Between (B. Sofferman)

    Mt. Desert Isle (B. Sofferman)

    Sunbird (B. Sofferman)

    Cement Truck Blues (B. Sofferman)

    Plegm & Yawn (B. Sofferman)

    Zoe Moon (B. Sofferman)

    Crownestula (B. Sofferman)

    Across the Crebix (B. Sofferman)

    Cut if Back to Half, Jack (B. Sofferman)

    So It Began (B. Sofferman)