Brian Trainor Trio
Tangled Roots

I do enjoy this piano trio disc…the title track is gorgeous…Trainor is talented and I look forward to hearing more from him. — Fred Barrett, Beyond Coltrane

This record is unadulterated Brian Trainor, a loosely constructed suite of pieces inspired by a recurring relationship in his life. Though Brian studied the classical technique for a dozen years, he has subsumed them into a grander, more idiomatic jazz approach to the piano as personified by Ellington and Monk.

Brian Trainor gives the listener what they crave – the unexpected, that invigorating element of surprise that exists in the very marrow of the best jazz.

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The Bike
The Wait (Prelude)
The Dance Commences
It Has Always Been Her Eyes
As She Sleeps
The Move
Scars of Ironwood and Ash
Tangled Roots
The Meeting 5/6
As the Weightless Cloud Grows Some Flowers Must Die