Anne-Marguerite Michaud
The Children’s Hour

…. Designed for listeners of all ages–
The peaceful, reflective and emotional timbre of this recording allows the listener to enter many worlds of imagination, worlds that are capable of shaping one’s personality and destiny. Anne-Marguerite believes it is paramount for people young and old to develop their love of classical music.

The musical selections are fraught with imagination, painting images of child-like scenes filled with enchanted forests and fairies. The listener may hear familiar music from their past, or be calmed into sleep by a sweet lullaby. There are folk tunes that tell descriptive, musical stories, and others that allow for a quiet walk with Bach.

Anne-Marguerite performs all selections on her harp, offering a beautiful soundtrack to any peaceful setting. The soothing sounds of her pristine style over the strings provide the listener with a comforting yet contemplative atmosphere that no other can match. Her mastery of the harp truly brings the notes to dance into life. This record takes the listener back to a simpler time. Enjoy this tribute to children and to the child in all of us.

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The Brook (A Hassellmans)
A Butterfly (M Grandjany)
In the Forest of Charm and Enchantment (M Grandjany)
Frere Jacques (M Grandjany)
The Kerry Dance (JL Molloy)
The Children’s Hour (M Grandjany)
Cradle Song (C Scinto)
1st Arabesque (C Debussy)
The Good Little King of Yvetot (M Grandjany)
Song in the Night (C Salzedo)