Eric T. Johnson
Herbie Nichols, vol. 1

The playing is superb and appropriate to the style of the compositions…arrangements provide a fresh instrumental context for the work of this underrated but important jazz composer…[this] fine CD of the music of Herbie Nichols successfully sets this difficult music in a manner which every listener will find accessible. — Andy Jaffe, Artist-In-Residence in Jazz, and Lyell B. Clay, Director of Jazz Performance, Williams College

Johnson’s band is quite tight, motivated by the music, and experts in the complex structures…engrossing as well as entertaining. Long story short: Herbie Nichols is a genius, anyone who celebrates his music has a great adventure ahead of him, and artists like Eric T. Johnson, who not only bring Nichol’s music to a wider audience but play it extraordinarily well, deserve our heartfelt respect. — Fred Barrett, Beyond Coltrane

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    It Didn’t Happen (H. Nichols)

    Love, Gloom, Cash, Love (H. Nichols)

    Furthermore (H. Nichols)

    Lady Sings the Blues (H. Nichols)

    Crisp Day (H. Nichols)

    Every Cloud (H. Nichols)

    Dance Line (H. Nichols)

    Step Tempest (H. Nichols)

    Chit Chatting (H. Nichols)

    Shuffle Montgomery (H. Nichols)