Berkeley Symphony Orchestra
The Butterfly Tree

Something extraordinary happened in northern California in 1997. A 24-year old woman made a statement against the logging of Californiaøs old-growth redwoods by taking up residence on a tiny platform 180 feet up the trunk of an ancient redwood.

This CD, which combines the evocative music of French composer Jean-Passcal Beintus with moving text by Ian Leonard, an American-born writer living in England—is a direct result of that remarkable act of civil disobedience.

Relayed in narration and song by Joan Baez, The Butterfly Tree recounts the riveting tale of Julia Butterfly Hilløs two-year vigil from the point of view of Luna, the tree she lived in and saved from the loggersø chain saws.

In addition to the story of Julia Butterfly comes The Brementown Musicians. This charming tale relates the adventures of a donkey whose maser has decided he’s too old and no longer worth the cost of his feed.

The Butterfly Tree

  • Luna

  • Making Music

  • Mudslide!

  • Prepare Myself

  • Butterfly Tree

  • Hiswitz

  • Best of Friends

  • Metal Monsters

  • Wonderful Day

    The Animal-Singers of Bremen

  • Brementown

  • Donkey

  • Dog

  • Cat

  • Rooster

  • Strolling Together

  • Robbers

  • Attack

  • Ending