ProMusica Chamber Orchestra
American Jazz Concertos

The World Sax Quartet, along with renowned soloists Robert Spring and Dee Dee Jackson, join the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra for an exciting musical endeavor.

Through the union in this program, it was intended to offer a profound look into the influences of jazz on American symphonic music, often termed jazz symphonies.

The progression through all three expertly performed pieces engulfs the listener in an extraordinary musical cloud, swirling with the combined tonalities of both jazz and orchestral music, until an actualization is reached, where both forms become one.

For this recording, the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra is proud to share the stage with the illustrious World Sax Quartet, and distinguished clarinet and piano soloists, Robert Spring and D. D. Jackson, respectively.

Rhapsody in Blue (G. Gershwin)
Concerto for Clarinet (A. Copland)
Rahsaan and Stuff (O. Lake)