Freiburg Trumpet Ensemble, conducted by Tony Plog
New Dimensions

Composers have never really thought of the trumpet ensemble as a viable setting for chamber music. Although several major composers such as Igor Stravinsky and Benjamin Britten have written short fanfares for two and three trumpets respectively, in general serious composers of today turn their attention to other chamber music venues for their expressive and creative output. This is unfortunate, because the trumpet ensemble of today is capable of many different forms of expression, ranging from typical fanfare-like postures to impressionistic and even atmospheric moods.

The four main pieces on this album were written specifically for this compact disc, and vividly demonstrate the wide variety of writing that is possible for the trumpet ensemble. In addition to these four pieces, each composer has written a short prelude, each with a different mute, further demonstrating the inherent possibilities of the ensemble.

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Preludio No. II (Frank Campo)
Reflections (Frank Campo)
Hurry Up (Anthony Plog)
The Bells (Anthony Plog)
Piece’a Brevis (Douglas Lowry)
Blue Mazda (Douglas Lowry)
Wisp (Henry Wolking)
Jazz Suite (Henry Wolking)