Art Lillard w/ Art Lillard’s Heavenly Band
Reasons To Be Thankful

There is so much to like about this album: so much talent, so many great tunes, and a leader whose vision the rest of us can now enjoy. Art Lillard the drummer is a lot like Art Lillard the person: thoughtful, intelligent and a great listener. So have a listen, yourself. Gravity will keep your feet on the ground but this date with the Heavenly Big Band will surely make your spirit soar.
– John J. Cooper (from the liner notes)

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    Bluez Organ Man (Art Lillard)

    The Fast Track (Marc McCarron)

    Swingin’ the Blues Away (Art Lillard)

    Justice Waiting (Art Lillard)

    Conclusion Jump (Art Lillard)

    Heavenly (Art Lillard)

    Nonchalant (Art Lillard)

    Incognito (Art Lillard)

    Biznes Changes (Art Lillard)

    Finding Our Own Way (Art Lillard)

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