Caio Pagano
The Piano Music of James DeMars

James DeMars is a new voice in classical music. From the exuberant Concerto to Quartet for Piano and Strings, an expansive, intuitive, one movement work, in which Native American and Arabic themes provide the mood and atmosphere to Tapestry II, a rhapsody, a meditation in one movement, DeMars finds one true expression of the human condition, one resonant insight of inspiration.

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Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (James DeMars)

  • Vibrante con brio (spring)

  • Tranquillo con calore (summer)

  • Una dolce lentezza (autumn)

  • Vivace inquieto (winter)

    Quartet for Piano and Strings
     (James DeMars)

    Dedicace (for cello and piano) (James DeMars)

    Tapestry II (for solo piano) (James DeMars)