Phil Norman Tentet
Totally Live at Catalina Jazz Club

..87 minutes, 2 CDs, of simply some of the best live jazz you’ll ever hear!

Hosted by Helen Borgers from KJZZ, this night at Catalina’s was magical!!…No overdubs / no edits – this is TOTALLY LIVE! from some of the top players around… The responsive audience of fans and enthusiasts were treated to this single set, but it was, as you’ll hear, more than satisfying. Simply the best, echoed many!!

‘…What they all have in common is a swing that combines the Cool School matched with enough dissonance to keep the audience on their toes, as the arrangements are always creative. Norman’s band members (many who also play with Bill Holman) are talented enough to take on tough charts…This ‘little’ big band is a treat to the ears. It shows that these LA-based session men can hold their own with their Big Apple contemporaries.’ -Audiophile Audition

‘…these gentlemen will always deliver a topnotch performance, as indeed they do … groove-drenched …through the ingenious ensemble piece(s)…the ensemble can’t resist the urge to swing…’

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I’m Dig
All Blues
The Outlaw and Middle Jazz
Hymn to Her
Stolen Moments
Tumbling Tumble Weed
Night in Tunisia
Nature Boy
Robin’s Nest