Nicola Ferro
Earth Games 2012

Featuring some of the finest brass players in the world, Earth Games 2012 is the creation of Italy’s super trombonist, composer, programmer and producer, Nicola Ferro. this musical-fusion of ’Classical’, ’Jazz’, ’Blues’, ’Pop’ and ‘alternative’ is a spine tingling reminder for us to stop, and listen to the beauty. Just as the seventh century mayan prophesized a reawakening for the year 2012; Nicola’s set of musically diverse suites, creates a sort of internal-awakening, heightening one’s senses and self-reflective consciousness… 2012 is prophesized as a return to the sacred domain of our inner technology, this masterpiece will start the process!

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1st Suite

  • Supernovae

  • Galaxy

  • Black Holes

  • Andromeda

  • The Maya

    2nd Suite

  • Planet

  • Moon

  • Zenith

  • Sundial

    3rd Suite

  • Cosmos

  • Pulsar

  • Universe

  • Solar System

  • Stars

  • Eclype

    4th Suite

  • Northern Lights

  • Light Year

  • Calendars

  • Sky

  • 21 December 2012

  • Milky Way Galaxy

  • Saros