Ken Watters Grou w/Andre Atkins, Yves Abel

A blending of three incredibly talented musicians with an array of dynamic special guests, RIYEL (pronounced ree-YELL) combines the most powerful and seductive Caribbean styles with a broad mix of other musical traditions to create a recording that is accessible, funky, heartwarming, and just downright great music! Complete with liner notes in three languages (English, French & Haitian Kreyol), RIYEL welcomes you to the powerful musical genre of Haitian Jazz.

‘This is a fun recording, setting your feet to dancing with all the complex rhythms…crystal clear tone of Watters and the fat warmth of Atkins make you forget…this could be right out of a good old Chico O’Farrell chart. At turns pretty and then fiery…a great Haitian addition to the Jazz tradition.’ -CADENCE Magazine

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Sommerset Road
Talk To My Dog
Big Money
We Don’t Know You Anymore
Four Sticks
Black Narcissus