Rex Richardson
Magnum Opus

Amazing. Inspiring. Magnum Opus is full of suprises, a delightful musical adventure. Rex Richardson’s incredible stylistic diversity, intense musicality and fiery techinique are second to none.
-Allen Vizzuti, International Trumpet Soloist and Jazz Artist

The title Magnum Opus has always referred to the largest or greatest work of a particular artist. For Rex Richardson, this recording represents his entire evolution as an interpreter of new music and as a composer. Featuring the work of some of his favorite collaborators, the recording demonstrates how a traditional form – the classical concerto – can continually be injected with new life.

‘This album, without a doubt, puts Rex Richardson among the very best trumpet soloists in the world today.’
– International Trumpet Guild Journal

‘…epic sound and rock solid technique…’
– Chicago Tribune

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Concerto for Trumpet and String Orchestra (Dana Wilson)

  • Nobleness made simple as fire
  • All that’s beautiful drifts away…
  • Had they but courage equal to desire