LIVE…As Always – Dave Liebman Big Band

LIVE…As Always – Dave Liebman Big Band
Catalog number: M1039


> 01 A Bright Piece
comp: Dave Liebman
> 02 As Always
comp: Dave Liebman
> 03 Anubis
comp: Dave Liebman
> 04 New Breed
comp: Dave Liebman
> 05 Philippe Under the Green Bridge
comp: Dave Liebman
> 06 Turn It Around
comp: Dave Liebman

Dave Liebman leads the brightest and most creative New York jazz musicians in dramatic large ensemble fashion as they burn through incredibly well-written arrangements of the jazz legend’s compositions.

Made up of the brightest and most creative New York jazz musicians, everyone is not only well-versed and experienced in the traditional big band performance practices, but each and every one of them are gifted soloists and renowned jazz musicians in their own right. What is not obvious until you hear the band is that collectively, the level of musicianship is so high that the band easily breaks the boundaries of the traditional big band. In addition to Liebman’s compositions and the writer’s creative arrangements, the unique sound of the DLBB is also due to how easily the group traverses the line between tonality and atonality; executes dramatic stylistic changes in the moment; and most importantly, can create collaborations of improvised music that are so well-aligned with the compositions that it is hard to tell what is or is not improvised. This, coupled with Liebman’s never ending pursuit of all possible avenues of expression in his soprano sax playing, offers the listener a new approach to the big band tradition.

– New York Times

“David Liebman has the ability to touch the soul eeking from the wayward horn an extraordinary depth of emotion and dramatic range. His cantabile style, as identifiable as a human voice in its emotional tone and dramatic role playing, may in a given solo, conjure up anguish, ecstasy, anger, fear, hilarity or haughtiness. Liebman’s music is storytelling of a very high order – content, accent, color and mood are all in place, on cue.”
– Downbeat Magazine

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