“…and then they played…” – HGTS


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Jeff Holmes, piano/keys and trumpet

Tom Giampietro, drums

Felipe Salles saxophones

Fumi Tomita, bass


“…This is a group of friends making music together. You can hear that their stories are intertwined and this makes the music come alive in a particular way. There is no substitute for familiarity…”   -Jeff Coffin

“Wow, this entry by U of Mass Jazz Faculty…is just a first class endeavor with wonderfully melodic yet some complex original compositions in different ‘bags’ by all, and great playing no matter what ‘bag’ they are in! It all holds together well too. When they wanna swing, swing they do, and when it’s ‘in the pocket’ playing, in the pocket it is!  So check this one out from beginning to end to get the full picture!”  -Randy Brecker