Why Try to Change Me Now? – Brian Trainor and Friends


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Brian Trainor passed away unexpectedly on 07/08/06, two months prior to the release of this recording. He expressed an ‘catchy’ exuberance over the creation of this project and highly anticipated its release. This is dedicated to Brian and his incredible ‘spirit’ that is still upon us through his music.

All the vocalists share that quality of being immediate identifiable. It’s through their sound that their story emerges. It’s a quality shared by the featured horn players as well. Richie Cole, Brian’s old mate from Trenton, is in classic form with his cutting edge alto, and (the late) Steve Marcus has been one of the bad boys of bebop for decades. It’s a pleasure to hear them both again on this CD. And it’s a testament to Brian’s good taste as well as to his reputation that he was able to round up such remarkable singers and players for this collection.

VOCALISTS – Jimmy Scott (Tracks 2,8,10), Jon Lucien (Tracks 1,7,11), Kelly Rodrigues (Tracks 3,10,12), Lois Smith (Tracks 4,9), Jacque Major (Track 5)

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