Better Angels – Western Brass Quintet

Better Angels – Western Brass Quintet

Label: Summit Records

Release date: March 2020

Catalog number: 762


01 Quintet for Brass, op. 73: 1. Allegro Vivace
comp: Malcolm Arnold
02 Quintet for Brass, op. 73: 2. Chaconne
comp: Malcolm Arnold
03 Quintet for Brass, op. 73: 3. Con Brio
comp: Malcolm Arnold
04 Copperwave
comp: Joan Tower
05 The Better Angels of Our Nature
comp: David Colson
06 Dark Mirror
comp: Alexander Lamont Miller
07 It Comes and Goes
comp: Catherine Likhuta
08 The Broken-Down Band: 1. Broken Down Band
comp: Joseph Blaha
09 The Broken-Down Band: 2. Night Becomes the Day
comp: Joseph Blaha
10 The Broken-Down Band: 3. Work and Play
comp: Joseph Blaha

Founded in 1966, the Western Brass Quintet is one of the most distinguished brass chamber music ensembles still active in the United States today. The ensemble has performed around the world including concert tours in Russia, Thailand, China, Sweden and Germany, as well as concerts in prestigious American venues such as the Kennedy Center and Carnegie Hall. The Quintet is a resident faculty ensemble in the School of Music at Western Michigan University.

Following their concerts at Carnegie Hall, the New York Times review raved that “The Western Brass Quintet gave unremitting evidence of their individual talents and ensemble training; chords were precisely weighted and registered, instrumental blends were sensitively arranged, and there was rarely a tentatively attacked or released note.”  The New York Concert Review describes them as “exhibiting a remarkable flair for the Renaissance style, …with remarkable facility and technique.” Following a performance at the International Trumpet Guild Conference, the published review asserted that “the Western Brass Quintet is not just another ‘academic’ brass chamber ensemble; their performance was equal to that of any ‘professional’ brass quintet. This is a superb group...”