Portrait of an Artist – Arnold Jacobs

Portrait of an Artist – Arnold Jacobs
Catalog number: 267


> 01 Fanfare
comp: Dietrich Buxtehude
> 02 We are enormously complex
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 03 Horn Concerto No. 1 in E-flat - Mvt. 1. Allegro
comp: Richard Strauss
> 04 Horn Concerto No. 1 in E-flat - Mvt. 2. Andante
> 05 Horn Concerto No. 1 in E-flat - Mvt. 3. Allegro
> 06 The Musician Plays the Instrument
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 07 Playing for the Audience
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 08 Programming the Brain
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 09 Czardas
comp: Vittorio Monti
> 10 Carnival of Venice
comp: Herbert L. Clark
> 11 Concerto for Bass Tuba - 1st Mvt
comp: Ralph Vaughan Williams
> 12 Etude No. 24
comp: Heinrich Gugel
> 13 Czardas with the metronome
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 14 This is an art form
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 15 We play by song and wind
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 16 Canzon per sonare no. 2
comp: Giovanni Gabrieli
> 17 Excerpt from King Heinrich's Call from Lohengrin
comp: Richard Wagner
> 18 Dies Irae from Symphonie Fantastique
comp: Hector Berlioz
> 19 Become a singer in your brain
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 20 There must be a source of vibration
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 21 Breath as a motor force
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 22 Sonatine for brass quintet - Mvt. 1. Allegro vivo
comp: Eugene Bozza
> 23 Sonatine for brass quintet - Mvt. 2. Andante ma non troppo
> 24 Sonatine for brass quintet - Mvt. 3. Allegro vivo
> 25 Sonatine for brass quintet - Mvt. 4. Largo: Allegro
> 26 Keeping music as an art form
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 27 Breath to expand
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 28 F tuba demonstration with Berlioz
comp: Arnold Jacobs
> 29 excerpt from Romeo and Juliet
comp: Hector Berlioz
> 30 excerpt from Concerto for Orchestra, Mvt. 2
comp: Bela Bartok
> 31 excerpt from Petrouchka
comp: Igor Stravinsky
> 32 excerpt from Symphony No. 4 - Mvt. 1
> The key for communicating in musi
comp: Arnold Jacobs
Track Not Yet Available For Purchase
> 34 excerpt from Pictures at an Exhibition: The Great Gate of Kiev
comp: Modest Mussorgsky

A consumer comment states it best: For the students who studied directly with Arnold Jacobs, “Portrait of an Artist” will take you back to his studio, sitting right next to him. This excellent collection of lectures (lessons) and demonstrations are a fantastic embodiment of Arnold Jacobs’ concepts and teachings. It is certainly a must for any music performer or educator. From the samples of CSO performances at the end of this CD to the practice tapes, the music on this CD is truly inspirational.

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