Pearls and Yarn – Milan Milosevic Trio

8 July 2014

Pearls and Yarn – Milan Milosevic Trio

An accessible ethno-classical delight…music that grabs you by the heart! These pieces originated in folk melodies, but since there are so many cultural crossovers in the region, you are likely to find all kinds of very different ethnic influences within. For some of the melodies, the sound of Greece or Turkey is a prevailing mood; the others have a more Eastern European flavor, Bulgarian in particular; and finally, romances like ‘My Aching Heart,’ grown out of Russian and Hungarian gypsy music, show yet another aspect of that intercultural communication. A trio of imaginative and jaunty classically trained musicians has chosen to cultivate them, each one interpreting them through his own instrument and experience. In the end, you cannot put any particular label on this music: there is a soulful expression that is not soul, and a bit of blues specific to the area, passionate and dark.

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