Wayne Coniglio

Wayne Coniglio


Wayne Coniglio (bass trombone, tenor trombone) has developed a completely unique approach to jazz as a bass trombonist. “When I was 14 my folks ‘accidently’ bought me a single valve bass trombone to replace my old horn. I took to it immediately and later had a second valve in the key of G added. It was one of the first independent bass trombones made. The result was that I was able to move all around the instrument what with all of the alternate positions I now had.” Wayne benefitted from a strong music program at Longview School in Phoenix. The school featured a program led by William E. Wells that emphasized multi-instrumentalism and singing. Wayne was also a member of the iconic John Garvey Band at the University of Illinois. After time at the famed jazz program at William Patersen College,and with encouragement from Rufus Reid  Wayne enjoyed success freelancing in New York performing with such notables as The Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra, The Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra, The Mingus Band and Chico O‘Farrill’s Latin- Jazz Dream Band. In September 1989 Wayne received a call from none other than Ray Charles’ to join his touring band. Wayne played with the band through much of the 1990’s until 2001. Wayne was encouraged by Ray to write arrangements for the band and has since developed a prolific writing career that includes writing for solo acts, chamber ensembles, choirs, big bands and pit orchestras. He was arranger for the Kevin Kline Awards Show 2006-2009. Wayne has appeared on numerous recordings and DVDs including as a member of Ray Charles band as well as Scott Whitfield’s Jazz Orchestra. He is active as a producer/engineer. Wayne is co- founder (with Cecil Cope), conductor and principal writer for the Swing of Hearts Orchestra, a 36 piece ensemble devoted to continuance of the studio orchestra. Wayne also plays string bass in his loves band, Elsie Parker & The Poor People of Paris. Wayne Coniglio is a Yamaha

Artist and plays a Schilke Coniglio model mouthpiece.

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