Blind Watchmaker – MARS 4-Tet

Blind Watchmaker – MARS 4-Tet
Catalog number: 626


01 Bye Ya
comp: Thelonious Monk
02 Suddenly
comp: Jeff Antoniuk
03 Willow
comp: Jeff Antoniuk
04 Cowboy
comp: Jeff Antoniuk
05 Pan to the Left
comp: Donato Soviero
06 The Blind Watchmaker
comp: Jeff Antoniuk
07 Rudy's Blues
comp: Donato Soviero
08 Sleepless
comp: Donato Soviero
09 Country
comp: Keith Jarrett
10 Black Dog
comp: John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plank

With one foot firmly in the acoustic jazz tradition, one foot connecting to the rock and funk music of the ’70s and ’80s, an elbow in Dub Step and maybe a knee in electronics, The MARS 4-Tet is the Twister of jazz groups. And just as fun. Good clean fun.

This is not your grandmother’s jazz band.

“. . . the MARS 4-Tet is poised for success in the footsteps of groups like The Bad Plus and Medeski Martin & Wood.”
– Michael Buckley, Capital Gazette Newspapers


The MARS 4-Tet is: Max Murray, bass; Jeff Antoniuk, saxophone; Frank Russo, drums; Donato Soveiro, guitar

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