Standard Flute – Gerald Beckett


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Critically acclaimed and one of the top flute players in the modern jazz scene, Gerald Beckett is a skilled and versatile improviser within the jazz tradition. Standard Flute, his fourth CD and third for Summit, is the first one in which he is the only horn. On Standard Flute, Gerald Beckett had an opportunity to interpret a variety of standards, most of which are not all that well known. Gerald Beckett is heard throughout in top form, stating melodies with a beautiful tone and displaying fluency and creativity during his solos. His playing throughout Standard Flute helps to consolidate the flute in modern jazz and is full of bright moments.

”With all the saxophone players out there today, the number of jazz flute artists is minuscule by comparison. Beckett shows that he belongs in the mix and has both the skills and style to be a force in this underrepresented genre.”
– Carmen Miller,

”…here’s a musician who is doing everything he can to keep jazz flute in the forefront of listeners’ consciousness…he swings like mad…”
– Audiophile Audition

”Gerald Beckett is rapidly becoming one of the jazz genre’s most admired flautists.”
– Paula Edelstein, Music Journalist and critic for Sounds of Timeless Jazz

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