Crossover – Atlantic Brass Quintet

Crossover – Atlantic Brass Quintet
Catalog number: 625


01 Kopi Luwak
comp: Alan Ferber
02 Jazz Suite No. 1 - Mvt. 1. Waltzer
comp: Dmitri Shostakovich
03 Jazz Suite No. 1 - Mvt. 2. Polka
04 Jazz Suite No. 1 - Mvt. 3. Foxtrot (Blues)
05 Sat (Time)
comp: Lato
06 Passages pour quintette de cuivres - Mvt. I.
comp: Patrice Caratini
07 Passages pour quintette de cuivres - Mvt. II. Moderato
08 Passages pour quintette de cuivres - Mvt. III. Vivace
09 Passages pour quintette de cuivres - Mvt. IV. Calme
10 Passages pour quintette de cuivres - Mvt. V. Allant, sans presser
11 Bubamara
comp: Ryan Howard
12 Private Music - Mvt. 1
comp: Dave Douglas
13 Private Music - Mvt. 2
14 Zvonce Kolo
comp: Boban Markovic
15 Luteous Pangolin
comp: Ben Monder
16 Doise

World-renowned chamber ensemble the Atlantic Brass Quintet continues to expand the role of the traditional brass quintet with Crossover, the group’s tenth recording, a fresh program revolving around compositions by NYC jazz luminaries Dave Douglas, Ben Monder, and Alan Ferber that includes Dimitri Shostakovich’s “Jazz Suite” as well as dance music from the Balkans.

Featured Artists: Atlantic Brass Quintet
Louis Hanzlik, Andrew Sorg: trumpets
Seth Orgel: horn
Tim Albright: trombone
John Manning: tuba

Track Listing
FERBER: Kopi Luwak • SHOSTAKOVICH: Jazz Suite No. 1, arr. Johannes C. Schott • LATO/KUKURBA: Sat (Time), arr. Markovic • CARATINI: Passages for brass quintet • DOUGLAS: Private Music 1 • Private Music 2 • MARKOVIC: Zvonce Kolo, arr. Jacob Garchik • MONDER: Luteous Pangolin, arr. Alan Ferber • ARR. LUKE: Doise • ARR. HOWARD: Bubamara

Press Quote
“Pushing the envelope of what a brass quintet is capable of … an irresistibly infectious spirit.” — Buffalo News

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